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Locket NecklaceWhen someone tells you that a “floating locket” is a “half-moon charm,” this is the first thing that probably comes to your mind. “Floating locket charms?” “Half-moon charms?” I mean, what the heck are half-moons?

Half-moons, also called gossamer half-moons, are basically half-moons with small accents attached to them. For example, a half-moon charm might have a metal bar or other small piece of metal attached to it, instead of the usual dangling strand of beads or flowers. These small accents give half-moons the look of floating locket charms and the ability to add a little more elegance to your outfits.

It’s important to know that half-moons come in all shapes and sizes. From the “half-moon” that is currently in use, this means that a half-moon has two side by side halves that actually touch one another. The other shape for half-moons is “double half-moons,” which are the exact same shape as the half-moons, but they have two pieces of metal or plastic in between them that make the halves actually touch each other.

In addition to half-moons, floating locket charms can also be found in all shapes and sizes. “Floating locket charms” also come in different shapes, from pearls to hearts, the side pieces of the locket and even skulls. They can be found with almost any accent or design that you might find on a regular locket charm. One example of a popular design for floating locket charms is a large heart, which is hung between two rounded top pieces of sterling silver, with a smaller heart sitting below the first set of heart shaped pieces.

Virginal Stainless Steel Family Tree Floating Locket for MothersToday, floating locket charms are more popular than ever. There are a lot of different styles to choose from, and many designers have added a lot of options to the floating locket charm market. Some of the most popular styles include:

Old Fashioned Design – This style of floating locket charms is a vintage appearance. It is in a style that usually features floral, wood and other earthy colors, and uses designs that are on the whimsical side. This type of floating locket charm is usually found in a vintage style, meaning that it looks like it was hand-made at one time, and is often decorated with seashells and seashell designs.

Heart Charm – This is another type of floating locket charm, but with a slight twist. Often times, the smaller side of the locket is bigger than the larger side. This means that there are no top pieces between the heart and the rest of the locket, and it also has an attached clasp which hangs freely in the style of a regular half-moon charm.

Hearts are popular because they can really bring out the feminine side of your wardrobe. It can work for a formal day at the office or a fun date, or just a casual day at the mall.

Hearts also come in a variety of different styles. Some people like to use hearts that are the same size as the “half-moons” or slightly larger than them, and they might even put the hearts between or above the locket.

Small Hearts – These are like the flowers that the seller gives you for free with the floating locket when you buy it. They are smaller than the larger “half-moons” but are still considered a “half-moon.”

Hearts can also be used to add even more interest to everyday jewelry. If you have a heart shaped pendant or necklace on your finger, then you can show off your love for another person by wearing a tiny piece of their heart in your jewelry. Many women even wear these tiny heart necklace pendants in public to show how much they appreciate and love their spouse or significant other.

Many people have both kinds of locket bracelets and often times would prefer to have one type of locket bracelet and one type of locket charm for their everyday attire. However, there are certain occasions where a floating locket would be best suited over a regular type of locket charm or even if you were not wearing a floating locket.